Sourdough 7
Black barley & quinoa bread 7
Wholemeal (gluten free) 7.5
Fig and sultana rye 7.5
Fig, banana and ginger jam 1
Mixed berry jam 1
Vegemite or peanut butter 1

Overnight oats 16
Hazlenuts, dates, berries, coconut, chia seeds, cacao nibs, yoghurt (add your milk) 

Smoked bacon & poached egg roll 9
with chipotle relish & aioli

BLT 13
Smoked bacon, pickles, tomato,
cheddar, leaves (brown / white) bread

Breakfast bowl 17
Cauliflower rice, The Shop made pickled cabbage, avocado, haloumi & poached egg, toasted tamari pepitas & sesame seeds

Breakfast salad 19.5
Seasonal vegetables, cauliflower rice, herbs, avocado, tahini yoghurt, hummus, poached eggs, almonds
+ Smoked bacon 5.5
+ Hot smoked salmon 6.5
+ Haloumi 4.5

Japanese breakfast 18.5
Scrambled eggs, miso carrot, avocado, sesame seeds, nori, wasabi dressing

Roasted field mushrooms on toast with whipped fetta, smashed mint peas, sourdough toast 17
+ Hot smoked salmon 6.5
+ Poached egg 3
+ Smoked bacon 5.5

Folded scrambled eggs 12
with chives & toast
+ Smoked bacon 5.5

+ Field mushrooms 4.5
+ Hot smoked salmon 6.5


Poached egg or scrambled, toast 7
Nutella toast 6



Sandwiches – white / brown bread

Meatballs Grass fed beef, Italian 14
tomato sauce, cheddar, leaves

Gypsy ham Hot mustard, tomato, 12.5
cheddar, mustard pickle, leaves

Tuna Capers, lemon, dill, boiled 12.5
egg, pickles, cucumber, leaves

Poached Chicken Chilli jam, cheddar, leaves 12.5

Vegetarian Haloumi, cucumber, carrot 14
tomato, chilli jam & leaves

BLT Smoked bacon, pickles, tomato 13
cheddar, leaves
+ Smoked bacon 4

+ Poached chicken 4
+ Avocado 2

Grass fed beef burger 15
Tomato, pickles, cheddar, onion jam, special sauce (Bunless optional)
+ Smoked bacon 4.5

Haloumi burger 15
Tomato, pickles, grated carrot, onion jam, special sauce


Italian beef meatball with melted cheddar, 
seasonal vegetables, avocado, toasted hazelnuts 19

Poached chicken with seasonal vegetables, avocado, roasted hazelnuts & yoghurt 18.5

Roast turmeric cauliflower with carrot, pumpkin, zucchini, yoghurt tahini, sunflower seeds, chilli flakes 18.5

Chipotle hot chicken tenderloins with tortilla chips, corn salsa, black beans, peas, avocado 19.5

Japanese chop chop with carrot, pickled cabbage, 
vegetables, nori, toasted sesame seeds & avocado 19

Miso with carrot, ginger, hummus, avocado, tamari pepitas, & seasonal vegetables  18.5

Nourish bowl with cauliflower rice, boiled egg, carrot, cucumber, peas, avocado, pickled ginger & toasted sesame seeds, lemon dressing 17.5

Add to any salad
+ Meatball (each) 4.5
+ Tuna 4
+ Haloumi 4.5
+ Boiled egg 3
+ Hot smoked salmon 6.5
+ Poached chicken 5.5
+ Pickled ginger 2.5
+ Hummus 3

(10% surcharge on public holidays)


Cheese plate 29
Brie, vintage cheddar, guava paste, chipotle relish, nuts, fruit, served with fig & walnut bread & wholemeal crackers

Grilled haloumi lemon 13
with fig & sultana rye bread

Italian meatballs 9
with roasted tomato sauce

Grass fed beef burger 15
Tomato, pickles, cheddar, onion jam, special sauce (Bunless optional)
+ Smoked bacon 4.5

Haloumi burger 15
Tomato, pickles, grated carrot, onion jam, special sauce (Bunless optional)


Raw cakes by Wellnessbytess™ 7.3
No added sugar, no gluten, no dairy.
Please ask for varieties.

Ferrero Rocher by Wellnessbytess™ 8
Gently roasted whole hazelnuts, creamy centre, with a crisp chocolate top.
No added sugar, no gluten, no dairy.

Homemade chocolate fudge brownie 5.5
Caramel crusted. Gluten free.

Salads also available

We like to shop local and we have discovered some of the best produce around

(10% surcharge on public holidays)


Ca ‘Val Prosecco Glass 10.5
Veneto, Italy nv Bottle 65

Mumm Cordon Rougen Brut nv France, Champagne $55


David Franz, Riesling, Eden Valley SA, Organically grown
Glass 12
Bottle 60

Johnny Blanco, Sauv Blanc, Adelaide Hills SA, Organic
Glass 10
Bottle 48

Moon, Chardonnay, Nagambie VIC, Organic + Biodynamic
Glass 13.5
Bottle 65

The Beast Skin Ferment, Verdelho, Hunter Valley NSW, Biodynamic
Bottle 72

Holly’s Garden, Pinot Gris, King Valley VIC, Biodynamic
Glass 11.5
Bottle 55


Chateau Reva, Cotes de Provence, France
Glass 11
Bottle 52


Even Keel, Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula VIC, Organic
Glass 12.5
Bottle 65

Lucky’s, Pinot Noir / Syrah, Hunter Valley NSW, Min. intervention
Glass 10
Bottle 48

G &Co, Blend Shiraz, Barbera, Sangiovese, Mudgee, NSW
Glass 9.5
Bottle 45

Tomero, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina, Organic
Glass 13
Bottle 60

Dubstyle, Shiraz, McLaren Vale SA, Preservative Free
Glass 10.5
Bottle 50

Inkwell I & I, Shiraz, McLaren Vale SA, Organic
Bottle 60

Tobacco, Aglianico*, Campania Italy, Organic
Bottle 66

*A supurb choice for anyone seeking classic big varietals such as Australian Shiraz and Cabernet.


Gin & tonic 9.5
with fresh lime & cucumber

Vodka 10
with organic kombucha & fresh lime

Negroni 18
Campari, vermouth, gin

Old fashioned 16
Rum, bitters & orange peel

Espresso martini 16

Aperol spritz 14

Reverse Martini 16
Daring dry vermouth, vodka & caper berry

Monkey Shoulder whiskey 9
On the rocks


Castello 9
Italian Premium Lager

Capital Brewing Co. 9.5
Coast Ale

4 Pines 10
Indian Summer Pale Ale (375ml can)


Coffee reg 3.8

lge 4.3

Wet chai tea 4.8

Tumeric latte 5

+ Soy 0.5

+ Natural Almond 1

Spiced hot cocao – no added sugar 5
+ Soy 0.5
+ Natural Almond 1

Loose leaf organic tea 4.5
by Mayde™

English breakfast 4.5
Traditional blend

Mint cacao 4.5
Peppermint leaves, cacao nibs, high antioxidant

Energise 4.5
Lemongrass, papaya pieces, ginger & cinnamon

Green sencha & jasmine rose 4.5
Green sencha, jasmine flowers & rose petals


Green blend smoothie 10
Kiwi, spinach, avocado, mint, lemon & cucumber

Fresh OJ 5.5

Mineral water Glass 5.5

750ml Bottle 10

Organic Kombucha by Bucha of Byron™ 6.5

Blood orange sparkling 5

Bloody Mary 16
Vodka, spiced chipotle & tomato juice